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Brooks' Country Supper

EDIT: Full size (4MB) version is here: just right-click save-as the image

From left to right


Gordon Brown

Generally looking pissed off that no one listens to him. He's had this exact facial expression for the past 25 years.

Tony Blair

Trying to introduce Ed to his best mate Rupert. Or at least get his attention. Rupert?

Ed Milliband

Wants no part in any of this, and wants nothing to do with News International, But like anything Ed says or does it comes across as a wimper. Ed needs to learn to roar.

New International

Note that they all have their backs turned to Labour

Andy Coulson

For everyone else on the table this has only been going on for a year. Coulson has been in the middle of a shitsorm about 4 years longer. Which is why he's sighing, wishing it would all be over. And having a drink

Rupert Murdoch

Weilding the knife. Who's he going to sacrifice next to save his empire? Or is it time for revenge?

James Murdoch

This is the man who when in charged of a business held no responsibility, had no one report to him, knew not what anybody was doing, signed cheques without asking why. But it's OK, because daddy loves him.

Rebekah Brooks

The only woman in the frame and the centre of attention. She's totally oblivious to the men around her falling over themselves to get in her good graces. Which says more about their behaviour than hers.


David Cameron

Trying desperately to put some distance between himself and Brooks/News International, yet at the same time being quite obviously the closet. 

Gideon Osborne

Mr shadow, in the background. No one knows what it is this man actually does day in day out. Maybe he stands behind Cameron, operating him.

Jeremy Hunt

This guy doesn't know what all the fuss is about or what wrongdoings exactly he's being accused of and thinks everything is absolutely fine. 

Lib Dems

The other half (sorry, 1/8th) of the coalition, no one is paying them any attention, not even their supposed partners.

Norman Lamb

Accusing News International of threatening to "do over" the Lib Dems

Nick Clegg

Looking like a lost little puppy, sat at the end of the table with the rest of the children

Vince Cable

Complaining about the current state of affairs. No one is listening to him. Not even Nick. Just like no one listened to his warnings in the decade leading up to the economic crash of 2008.

Not pictured:

Michael Gove
He's out riding the horse.

This is fabulous Richard - do you have high res images of this available to get framed?

Thanks for taking the time and trouble; particularly like Vince on the right hand side!

could you email details to my work email:

Thanks, I've updated the post with a link to the full size image


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